Gold Hunter Test Kit

Now you can effectively do sampling for the presence of gold right there in the field, or take samples home and test!  This kit will give you up to 50 tests!  For less than a buck a test, you will know within an hour or so if your ore has any gold! 

Kit includes one 4-oz leach solution,  one 1-oz indicator solution, 2 empty mixer bottles, one pipette dropper tube, two 1 - dram glass test bottles, and the carrying case.  You will know if your sample contains any gold at all BEFORE you spend big bucks on an Assay!

The darker the color (purple) the higher the content of gold!  No color, no gold, simple as that!

Simply place a pinch of ground up ore in the glass vial,  double the volumn with KD-1 and let set for an hour or more.  Use the dropper to suck up a bit of the liquid test, place a drop on a tissue or paper towel, then add 1 drop of KD-3 to the spot.  If it turns a pinkish color, you have a bit of gold in that sample,  light purple, more gold, and dark purple, l a lot of gold!  If NO color, let the test set for a few more hours, or over night, and try a drop in the morning. 

 If still no color, you can always take a bit of rock from different areas of the vein or outcrop, crush and mix all of them, and then take a pinch from that sample as a more representitive sample of the whole exposed vein, outcrop or even testing on black sands!


If your leach solution is tan or brown,  it could be iron or lessor metals,  a green leach color and a blue spot then you probably have some copper.






Gold Hunter Text Kit
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